Chair Rental

Rental info
All stylists & barbers have their own key and supply their own phone/appointment book to create the perfect schedule for business and personal life.
Some back bar is supplied if interested in using what the salon carries for retail.
Decent sized storage cupboard available for supplies.
We have a nice sized backroom with fridge, microwave, table and chairs.
Rental options
Prefer a stable orbit and a spot to call your own?
The station is yours and only yours. Set your own hours to come and go as you please for 160.00 per week.
More of a free spirit and love a change of scenery?
Be a floater and station hop.  Willingness to fill in on the days where a station isn’t in use by another renter and share with others is the key. This option comes with a price break of $5.00 less a day. ($27.00)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday would be available at different stations. Sundays could also be opened up if needed.
This is a busy, sometimes crazy busy salon. The current group is good mix of stylists and barbers with 25 years or more of experience. Good people to work with.
Interested in exploring the options? Call Shirley at 612-720-5130 or 952-948-0988